I'm Baaaack....sortof

Well, with LMM winning the LJ post, I don't feel so bad posting here. I won't ever give SixApart any money ever again, but I feel more comfortable sticking my head back in. I would have liked to see rm win, as I felt they had a better platform but at least there's fandom representation at LJ now.

So expect to see me around more now. I also have an insane journal that I never update,, and a Word Press journal,, that serves as a diary/showcase for school papers.
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NCIS rant

I hope that the writers kill off Director Jenny Shepherd in a gory and horrific way. There are not words strong enough to express my hatred for this character. I am aware that this is an irrational reaction but it makes no difference.

Die, Jenny. Die.

plot bunny to good home

I have tried to make this work for almost two years and I just can't come up with anything but crap. So I am putting up my plot bunny for adoption. I have two versions of it (think of them as twins). Here is one:

Spike is still incorporeal and is the History of Magic professor at Hogwarts
Xander is the DADA professor
They are in an established relationship
Spike can touch Xander and Xander can touch him only when Xander is wearing the amulet
They are there to help Harry win the war, and in exchange Dumbledore will help turn Spike corporeal.

and two:
same thing only Xander is de-aged and asked to pose as a student and befriend Harry in order to better help him prepare for the war. He also has to deal with trying to hide his ongoing relationship with Spike.

I really want to see both stories written. If you decide to take one on, please let me know. Happy writing. :)

PS. I would love to see more than one author's take on these stories, so don't think you can't throw your hat into the ring just because someone already did. :D
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Not dead...

but at this point it's a toss up whether that's a good thing or not. So, lots of fun shit has happened since my last update.

First: On the morning of Wednesday Oct 31, 2007 at around 10:00am my aunt Linda lost her year long battle with brain cancer and passed away. The funeral's happened Friday Nov 2 so I had to fly into Dallas and have my cousin pick me up. The only thing was that the Vice President had flown in the same day, so traffic was locked down around the airport; it took us two hours to leave. The funeral wasn't to bad. We (Mom, Dad, Kat and me) go home with a lot of extra food.

Second: The day after the funeral (Saturday Nov 3) our parents sit Kat and me down in the living room and drop a bombshell: my mom has breast cancer. Her mammogram showed a tumor the size of a nickel and the biopsy show that it was malignant. She was scheduled to meet with the doctor the next Monday (Nov 5). She called me once she was done at the Doctor's and said that she would have a mastectomy (that's where they remove one breast) a week from Friday (Nov 16). I flew back to Austin the morning of the 16th and my uncle drove me to the hospital. The surgery went well, but we wouldn't find out if the cancer had spread until after Thanksgiving, which I would not be able to come home for. Well, luckily the cancer hasn't spread and it doesn't look like Mom will even need chemotherapy (finger's crossed). Both my sister and I, however, will start getting mammograms when we reach 30.

Third: I'm pretty sure that I'm going to fail at least one of my courses, which will get me kicked out of the university for a year.

So, to recap: My aunt dies Wednesday. Her funeral is on Friday. I find out my mom has breast cancer Saturday. Monday she tells me she has to have surgery. The next week they chop off her left breast. The week after that I don't get to come home for Thanksgiving because my professor is a dick. Oh and also, there's a good chance I'm going to get kicked out of the university.

Worst. Semester. Ever.

Friends Only

So, I'm jumping on the Friends Only bandwagon for two reasons.

1. I plan to start posting my fic soon (HP/BtVS slash set year 6, so HP characters are underage), and LJ/SixApart is being an asshat.

2. I have this crazy-ass stalker at school now. This has been going on for about a month now. I haven't said anything about it yet cause it's been annoying but harmless. So, as a precaution I'm locking this journal and not friending new people. Sorry, and hopefully this blows over soon.

Edit: found out the stalker's name. It's Steve. Steve, you're a jackass.

Edit Edit: Stalker has been dealt with. From now only fic posts will be locked.
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More old poems

Pretty much what the title says. All of these are from ninth grade.
Let Go

Happy death day to you.
You ripped out my heart,
Cut it into bite-sized pieces.
I despise you, I loathe you,
I hate you, I still love you.

I want to leave your memory
Rotting in a dumpster,
Along with week old egg rolls and
Chocolate muffins.
I’ve tried so hard to forget but
I still see your face wherever I go.
Please let me go.
Miss You

Broken angels and shattered crosses
Litter the bare earth.

Mourning doves sing their bitter songs
Of love lost, as they guard this place.

A willow stands over you as a mother would a lost child, and weeps.

Flowers adorn your bed,
Withered and dead themselves.

A cross casts its ominous
Shadow over you.

Years of grime cover the words
In loving memory.

You left this earth so long ago.
Oh, how I miss you.


I had a dream…
A party, a natural high.
A house, a warm bed.
An open door, bodies and blood.
A maggot filled child.
A sign from God.

I had a dream,
But it wasn’t a dream at all.
Now I can’t wake up.
Kiss me goodnight.
So there you have it.